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      Circle of Producers | $25 to $99


Adele R. Amodeo

Michael Anderson

Brian Badala

Kira Belanger

Jan Brennan

Marna Clark

Kristi Denton Cohen

Stacy Cransten

Barbara and Jonathan Doctor

Jeff Eagle

Steven Gray

Sari Kadison-Shapiro

Yaniv Katan

Arnie Levitan

Stephanie Luchini

Marcia McLean

Jessica and Adam Neville

Phil Perkins

Karen Ruggles

Fred Ryker

Judy and Leonard Schiff

Jessica Singer

Pat Swan

Jennifer Thomas

Richard Tsai

Louise Vance

Warren Wolfeld

Bill Zarchy

      Circle of Sponsors | $100 to $249


Sheri Alterman

Suzanne and Robbin Atherly

Mary Bacon and Peter Belanger

Gerry and Amy Berkowitz

Denise Bostrom

Helene Brodsky

Suzie and John Carlson

Mary Beth Chamberlain

Janine and Chris Coughlin

Tom Cross

Patrick Donohew

Stephen Edelman

Lex Fletcher

Sarah and Darrell Flowers

Paula Frankel

Don Forschmidt

Tara Fowler

Saundra and Arnie Heller

Andrea Kessel and Tony Belko

Mari Iki

JCX Expendables

Robert Kalsey

Karen Kahn

Melissa Kane

Susan and Dan Keller

Andee and Rob Kerson

Robin Kincade

Leslie and Fred Knight

Nancy Koontz

Josh Koral

Art Kramer

Rick LaCompte

Jane Ladke and Charlie Vogel

Carol and Jack Lester

Bruce Levin

Don Levin

Mark Lipman

Debbie Lockwood

Martin Maggus

Jayne McDonagh

Suzanne McKaig and Mark Laber

Merrill Lynch

Penny Nisson

Eli Olson and Brian Leonard

Barbara Parker

Phil Paternite

Janice Papedo

Jeff Pritikin

Victoria Reichenberg

Katie Rice

Steve Rosdal

Rough House Editorial

Maryellen and Bill Ryan

Sue Ann and Tim Ryan

Joan Saffa

Sam Salkin

Sue Sava

Amy Schroeder

Tom Schnitzler

Judy Segal

Sandra L. Simon

Scott Singer

Richard Sloss

Scott Stender

Lark Stratton and Barry Harris

Jennifer Thomas

Lauren and Rob Weiner

Marlena Weinstein

Dorothy Yungman

Jenny Zielon

       Executive Producer | $25,000 and Up


Grossman Family Trust

Graybird Foundation



       Producer | $10,000 to $24,999


Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

Mark Fishman



       Co-Producer | $5,000 to $9,999


Jeff and Monica Wells



       Associate Producer | $2,500 to $4,999


Bransten Philanthropic Trust

Patricia & Craig Litman



       Founding Producers | $1,000 to $2,499


Jeff Aeder

Erin and Peter Badala

Rena Bransten

Sara and Paul Ernst

Carol and Lenny Lieberman

Paula and Les Shapiro

George Young and Lee Rauch



       Founding Sponsors | $250 to $999


Stephanie and Steven Abelson

Jack Adler and Judy Shapiro

Kit and Luke Argilla

Teri Balick

Bob and Elizabeth Bellamy

Phyllis Benson (in honor of Anna and Danny Gesewitz)

Mark Bernstein

Leigh Blicker

Barry Brownstone

David Creech

Roy Cox

Laurie and Richard Favaro

Jon Fontana

Remi Frazier

Janine and Jay Freeman

Hu-Friendly Corporation

Ruth and James Glick

Susan Kay and Kevin Fox

Mark Harrison

Sue and Bruce Herman

Lynn and Ron Hinck

Laurie and Steve Laser

Maryanne and Joe Luchini

Peg and Tom McAllister

Monica and Keith Mellovitz

Amy and Zach Neumeyer

Suzie and Harry Neuwirth

Billie Parker and Gay Block

Diane and Steve Provo

Nina Resnikoff

Mark Rice

Steve Richards

Amy Schroeder

Sheri and Mark Schwartz

Alison Smith and Jan Brennan

Judy and Jerry Shapiro

Stuart Swibel

Patty and Helga Theiss-Nyland

George Young and Lee Rauch




Independent documentaries can only be made with the financial support of people like you—our wonderful donors.  


Thank you so much for your contributions!

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