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10/12/15 — Interview

“A heartbreaking, poignant and remarkable story”

3/13/16—Surviving Skokie Homecoming Screening, Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

“5 stars.  Cinematically beautiful storytelling at its most meaningful.”


“...two needs — to finally grasp his family's tragic past and to put it on screen for all to see — converged in ‘Surviving Skokie,’ a bittersweet, profoundly autobiographical documentary…”


“It’s a complicated story, well told.”

3/17/16—Television interview

“It’s a miracle documentary—it’s really very beautiful. And I think especially with the climate in America, I think everyone should be watching this documentary right now.”


"Adler, 87, who lost his parents, three siblings and most of his extended family during the Holocaust, remains determined to help put an end to intolerance and bigotry by retelling both his ordeal and his miraculous survival for as long as he is able."

"Surviving Skokie presents a Holocaust family story in a poignant and personal way, by telling it through the lens of a son, learning about his father’s past and coming to understand its relation to the present. The showing of Surviving Skokie at Illinois Holocaust Museum as part of the JCC Jewish Film Festival offered our multi-generational audience (the event was sold out) greater understanding and a special movie experience. Bravo."


“Surviving Skokie by Eli Adler and Blair Gershkow, was the top pick”


“…an uplifting tale of survivors finally ending their silence about what they endured in the Holocaust. The 66-minute film made me weep.”


"Surviving Skokie takes both a macro and micro-journey through the Adler family's lives. It tells of a vital piece of Skokie's own history — the survivor movement that Collin and his would-be march sparked — as well as of the Nazi atrocities in Europe and specifically Poland. But the movie is also 'intensely personal.'"

3/16/16—Surviving Skokie Homecoming Screening, Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

“We are a people of stories and it is so important that children know their parents’ past.  I commend Eli for taking the time to dig into his father’s life and coming up with some answers.  Eli used his gift as a cinematographer and gave his father’s life justice by giving making this significant film.”

3/16/16—Surviving Skokie Homecoming Screening, Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

“Most fabulous and inspirational.”

3/16/16—Surviving Skokie Homecoming Screening, Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

“It was a beautiful film, well done.”

"'Surviving Skokie' is a special and absolutely wonderful  film! It is illuminating and touches the heart at the same time. As the Chair of the Charlotte Jewish Film Festival's film selection committee, I was  thrilled that this film was chosen as an official selection for our 2016 film festival. Now that our audience has seen 'Surviving Skokie,' they have provided extremely positive feedback, expressing a very robust appreciation for the film. I am thanked everyday for bringing 'Surviving Skokie' to Charlotte as it has given the audience a very moving and profound film going experience."

"Audiences loved and learned from this film. It is unique among its documentary peers."

"An excellent film...Eli's respect and love for his father and vice versa come across strongly and it's moving to watch."

“Thank you, Jack and Eli, for sharing your stories with us. Saw your film last night in San Francisco. It was moving and inspiring, and as the great grandchild of Russian and Polish immigrants, myself, personally touching. Wish you both well.”

“Thank you for making this movie. Having grown up in Skokie and child of a survivor, this movie is very meaningful to me and my family.”

“Very sensitive and evocative treatment of difficult histories, personal and societal.”

“Just saw your touching film at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival and your inspiring story must be shared with children as part of their mandatory education. Now, more than ever, your story must be shared. Thanks for making this remarkable film.”

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